Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bench Contest

Today I tried a bench contest. It was fun but I could not believe how hard it got. There were very few rules. It had to be a full regular bench, hips, head, and feet on floor. The goal was to get the most reps possible with half your bodyweight. Well I got 79 at 100lbs. The most was 109 at 90lbs. It was fun but the last 5 reps were so hard. I never thought 100lbs could be so hard. I did relive I had made a mistake probably more but I only picked up on 1. I pushed too hard off the chest and for too long. This meant the par would want to keep moving at the end of the rep so the momentum would pull me off the bench just a little. What would have been better I think would to have been to bust of my chest the same but let momentum finish the rep. That would meant that i would only have to push the par the bottom half of the lift.

It was fun so nothing lost and I got a little pump. I did see that such a contest works better the lighter you are. The guys around 250 could only manage 60-65 reps.

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