Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Back Workout - Sunday 12/28/14

My Back Workout

(Upper Body Pull Workout)

Frequency is the key to my workouts these days. So I don't generally stick with one muscle group like a typical bodybuilding workout.

I have a major muscle I work for that day but I also add in other muscles as well.

Yesterday was a pressing day. Bench was the main lift.

back workout with a pro bodybuilder

1. First exercises was neutral grip pull up.

  • Done with a 25 pound weight.
  • as many reps as possible in 5 minutes.

2A. Seated Row

  • Wide grip
  • 5 sets of 5
  • Last set was for maximum reps.
  • Added a strict drop set.
2B. Floor Press
  • Heavy. But doable.
  • 5x3
  • Last set was for maximum reps.
3A. High T-bar row
  • 4x8
3B. Cable Lateral Raise
  • 4x12
4A. Lat Sweep
  • 4x12
4B. Band Push Down
  • 100 total reps
4C. Cable Biceps Curls
  • 4x12

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Something A Little Different For My Workout

Today I did something a little different. I wanted to get in the gym but not kill myself. So I did some high rep stuff with the suspension straps.

First group of exercises.
5 rounds of...
1. suspension strap planche Push ups x 20
2. suspension strap Inverted rows x 20
3. Double unders x40
4. Landmine Rainbows x7

Followed that up with
5 sets of...
1. suspension strap triceps extensions x 20
2. suspension strap biceps curls x 20
3. Side plan lateral raises x 15

That did it for the day. Nothing too fancy but it got the juices flowing. Ready to hit it hard on Monday.

One Arm Row Variation

The one arm row (OAR) is a great back exercise. It's a staple in my training routines. Not only do I do it myself but I put it into the programs I design for others.

I'm not a big fan of the bent over row. But I do include it in my training from time to time because of the big loads that can be used and the overhand grip.

What I have found to be a great alternative to the the bent over row is what I like to call the Business End Landmine Row.

Withe the BELM you can load up the weight and use the pronated grip to get more back activation.

If your dumbbells don't go up that high this exercise is a must. 

If you want to get an incredible grip workout do a few burnout sets without straps. This will set your forearms on fire.

For the heavier sets straps are needed.

Check out the Business End Landmine Row and let me know what you think.

see the business end landmine row in action

Monday, September 29, 2014

Pro Bodybuilder Tips For Building Rear Delts

Muscle Building Techniques - Training The Rear Delts

Some great muscle building tips in the video below. Pro bodybuilder Ben "The Pac Man" Pakulski goes into how to train the rear delts.

Use Ben's tips next shoulder workout and let me know what you think.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Upper Body Workout - Sept. 2, 2014

Quick Upper Body Workout

For the next little bit I'll be doing more frequent workouts. The volume for each will less. But at the end of week the volume will add up to be more.

I'm going to take this approach for a couple of months, then change things up again.

1a. - Barbell Incline Press 4x8
1b. - Hammer Row 4x12 (pronated grip)

2a. - DB Flat Chest Press - 4x10
2b. - DB One Arm Row - 5x5

3a. - Cable Flyes 4x15
3b. - Parallel Bar Dips - 4xmax reps at bodyweight
3c. - Cable Biceps curls 4x15

Short and to the point.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Lower Body Workout 09/01/14

It's been a while  since I have posted a workout. I've been in the gym. Just a lot going on and it's keep my fat fingers from posting.

I have written a few thing you may want to check out...
fat loss and muscle building scams you have to watch out for

Lower Body Workout

  1. Box Squats - 10x3 w/ pause... Done on the minute. Gave about 45 seconds rest for each set.
  2. Elevated Reverse Lunge - 4x5... Did all the reps on one leg before doing the next.
  3. Leg Curls - 4x10... Done with a single leg. Went from one leg to the next until all the reps were done.
  4. Leg Extension - 4x15... Same as curls
  5. RDL - 3x12... Superseted with roll outs
  6. Swiss Ball Ab Roll Outs - 4x12... Superseted with RDLs
Finished with a 10 minute walk on the treadmill. Went just over a 1/2 mile at a steep incline.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

25 Bodyweight Exercises To Replace Traditional Weight Lifting Exercises

The great thing about body weight exercises is that you can use them anytime anywhere.

I hate to have my workout slowed down waiting for equipment or weight. Bodyweight exercises are perfect in these situations.

Another way I like to incorporate body weight exercises into my workout routines is to use them as part of a superset.

Example for a chest workout.

Exercise 1a is a heavy dumbbell incline press.
exercise 1b is a push up variation.

Depending on how tired I am will dictate what push up variation I use.


Bodyweight exercises are perfect for deloading weeks. They're easier on your joints. It makes a nice break from heavy lifting.

Below is a list of 25 different bodyweight exercises that you can do instead of traditional free weight exercises. Give them a try.

Check it out here...
25 Bodyweight Exercise Substitutions