Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Workout - Phase XI

Weight Training Journal

My Workout

I have completed my last phase now it is time for the next. Phase X was 2 days on 1 day off. The first day was lower body, next day upper body,and the third day off after which the cycle repeated. I would also cycle sets and reps. I would alternate between heavy and light days, so I would do a lower body and upper body workout with heavy loads and low volume, then the next time I would do light loads and heavier volume.

I am happy with the results, though I do think the volume was too high for lower body. Next time around I will do much less volume.

For phase XI I will be doing one lift per day. Something easy fast and heavy. The volume will be much lower but I expect to lift heavy, at least heavy for me. I will only be following this program until the end of the year.

The one lift a day will look something like this.

More details to follow.

All the best in your weight and programs.
Jason, CSCS
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