Tuesday, May 26, 2009

If you consider yourself a hard gainer

Add Muscle with this program - only for those consider hard gainers, those who have trouble gaining muscle mass.


Ok ...I know you've been hearing all the chatter around
the internet about Jeff Anderson's upcoming launch of his
new "ectomorph" bodybuilding program...

..."Hardgainer Project X"!

Well, I just got a sneak peek at the website and you're gonna FLIP
when you see it!


Because while so many "program sites" these days are just one big
long "sales letter" to get you to buy...

...THIS one actually gives you some KILLER HARDGAINER TIPS!

For example, how would you like to discover:


=> Your Body's 2 Most Anabolic Hormones...And A Crazy "Tag Team"
Technique To Trigger An Explosive Surge Of Thick New Muscle!

=> The Hardgainer Workout Training Technique That Targets 373% More
Muscle Fibers!

=> The $.08 "Miracle Supplement" That Literally DOUBLES
Muscle-Protein Uptake For CRAZY New Mass Gains!


Sound like a bunch of "hype"?

Nope! These 3 REAL TIPS you can check out RIGHT NOW over on Jeff's
website at...

<= Click For 3 Hardgainer Tips

Jeff just opened up the site to reveal the findings of his insane
12-week research project AND he's throwing in a bunch of cool
"swag" to get the party rolling as he celebrates the launch!

So don't waste any time, ok?

If you consider yourself a "hardgainer" who struggles for every
scrap of muscle you can get, then you'll be kicking yourself if you
don't go and check these tips out

Here's the site again...

<= Click For 3 Hardgainer Tips

Jason, CSCS

P.S. - Look, Jeff's known for some pretty crazy programs as you may
have heard (or used!) "Hardgainer Project X" is no exception.

This is NOT the same old "do compound exercises and eat a ton of
food" programs!

Jeff has literally dissected the "7 Hardgainer Genetic Limitations"
and devised a way to blast each one of them into submission.

You'll see what I mean when you see the 6 "human lab rats" Jeff
experimented on.

Go check out their "before & after" photos at...

<= See The "Human Lab Rats"
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