Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Workout - Back 06/05/09

Back Workout

I know I have been slack posting my workouts. I have been getting them in though. I have been doing a few interviews as of late. Not being a computer guy it takes me a little time and effort to get the interviews ready for you to watch. You will want to keep your eys open for when I post the intervew with Mike from over at critical bench. He shared some great info with me that I am sure will help both you and I out. Looking forward to seeing thse bench numbers climb.

I am still workout 5 days a week kind of like a bodybuilder. In the past month I have filled out some and I can tel you mt bench numbers are climbing. I will max out in about 4 weeks and i know it will be a new PR.

On friday I di and easy back workout.

Hang cleans - 5 sets of 3, not a back exercise but fun.
Pull Ups - 6 sets of 4, I try to touch my chest to the bar each rep
Inverted row - 4 sets 6
Chin ups - 3 sets, 15 seconds up and 15 seconds down. Going up was hard
Curls - 3 sets of 4

That was it. Short but effective.
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