Thursday, October 8, 2009

3 Stranges Exercises to build muscle on your chest

One of the most troublesome areas for guys looking to develop a lean, muscular body is their CHEST!
Some struggle with adding ANY mass to their pecs while OTHERS find certain AREAS of
their chest are "underdeveloped" more than others.

In some cases, this is a matter of GENETICS...

In OTHER cases, it could be that you're simply not training with the correct EXERCISES
to "micro-target" these lagging sections of your chest.

So here are 3 "strange but POWERFUL" exercises for the most common CHEST CHALLENGES:


Target: Upper Chest


Forget boring old inclines! Do this instead...

...Smith Machine Presses To The NECK!

Lie flat on a bench with the Smith Machine bar right at your NECK instead of your chest.

Grab the bar slightly wider than shoulder width and press as normal (2 seconds up; slow
4-count on the way down).

Keep your elbows flared OUT and really concentrate on feeling a good stretch in your
upper pecs at the bottom of the movement!

Go for a good "pump" at 8-12 reps!


Target: Inner Chest ("Cleavage")


This one comes from the underground iron pit of max security PRISON YARDS.

(Don't ask how I got this.)

Lie flat on a bench and grab ONE SINGLE DUMBBELL that's slightly LESS than the combined
weight you would normally use for 2 dumbbells.
(So if you normally press 60lbs in each hand, grab a 90 or 100.)

Maneuver your hands so you can wrap both around the handle
(tricky, but you'll figure out how to overlap).

Now, holding the weight so it's facing up and down your body (lengthwise),
press the weight as normal.

At the TOP of the movement, press your pec muscles together HARD and squeeze (HARDER!)
for a 2 second count.


Target: Lower Chest


Dips...Dips...Dips...* BUT *...

Rather than keeping your feet BEHIND you...

...stick them out in FRONT of you!

On the dip bar, keeping your legs straight, bring your feet out in front so your body
is in a "V" shape.

Keep your elbows flared OUT away from your body as you lower yourself down and focus on

Come down far enought that you feel a good stretch in your pecs.

Bringing your feet to the FRONT actually places more emphasis on your lower chest
muscles instead of your triceps that tend to give our the earliest.

Also, don't "lock out" at the top of the dip movement!

Stop about 6 inches short of the top to keep the stress on your chest!


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