Monday, November 30, 2009

Upper Body Workout - my weight training for 11/30/09

This was an upper body workout. Getting bigger and stronger requires you to lift heavy weight and that is what this week is all about. For all the major lifts this week I will come close to a true one rep max. I say close because I do not want to miss a lift so there will be a tinny bit left.

Next week will be a deload week.

My Workout - Building size and strength

1. Bench Press:
x3, x3, x5, 3x1 bonus set if needed
2.a Incline DB: 3x8
2.b Wide grip Pull Downs: 3x8
3. a DB Bench: 3x8
3.b Bent over rows: 3x10
4.a Dips: 5x8
4.b Band "T's": 5x12
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