Saturday, February 13, 2010

my workout Full body Friday 02/12/10

Today I continued with the full body workout design. To start things off I did hang cleans, I did sets of four up to 220 then I did triples. My last working set was at 265 for 2, I tried for third but missed.

My next lift was hang snatch. I did sets of four starting at 130 and went up to 200. I think the cleans tired me out because I tried 200 twice and missed both times.

All the other exercises were superseted. My first superset consisted of reverse lunges and pull-ups with a neutral grip. On my pull-ups I did 12 a body weight, 10 at 10, and two sets of 8 with 15 pounds added. on the reverse lunges I start with 130 for eight, then I did three sets of five at 175.

My next pairing was one arm row and standing shoulder press. The solar process started with 130 four 12, 160 for eight, and three sets of five at 170. The dumbbell row was a straight three sets at 100 done for 10 reps.

To finish things off I ended with dips and TRX reverse flies. With the TRX flies I did three sets of 12. On the dips a used 90 pounds and it 10 reps, 12, 15, the last set list failure.

This week wasn't very consistent, but I plan on getting back on track on Monday.

Oh, I forgot I did a few tire flips at the end of the workout as well.
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