Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Unusual training style to combat belly fat

Today I've got a great post written by fat loss guru John Romaniello of Roman Fitness Systems.

You can expect to discover a few interesting things, such as:
  1. The exact hormone most responsible for stubborn belly fat
  2. The "secret" hormone no one talks about that you NEED more of to fight off the hormone from #1
  3. A new, unusual training style that has been show to increase the hormone from #2

I GUARANTEE you'll learn something new:

I posted the article over on my weight loss blog so go take a look:
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Here is a quick glimpse of John Romaniello's article: Suffering from Belly Fat?

Many suffer from regional fat storage. The hips thighs and stomach are often the big problem areas. Body fat may be all over but there are ares that we struggle with the most to lose fat.

This is in part due to your bodies hormonal environment. The hormones most out of sorts determine where the last bit of fat is stored.

John's article, Suffering from Belly Fat? talks mostly about belly fat. you can check out the article here ==> Brand NEW information to fight belly fat.

One of the hormones mentioned in the fitness community and media is the relationship between belly fat and cortisol. Many experts believe, the higher your cortisol levels, the more belly fat you’re likely to have.

If you reduce your cortisol levels, you're likely to reduce your belly fat.

I’m sure you’ve seen the late night TV ads trying to sell you anti-cortisol pills. Even if they worked, which they don’t,a hormone like cortisol can’t be fooled by pills.

The better option is to fight hormones WITH hormones. To combat cortisol and belly fat growth hormone is the hormone of choice.

Also known as Human Growth Hormone or simply GH, growth hormones is produced in the pituitary gland. It is primarily responsible for growth, plus it is one of the most effective things in the world to offset cortisol.

A simple solution to reducing cortisol levels and thus reducing belly fat is to increase growth hormone levels.

Did you know that there are certain types of training that are actually exceedingly effective at producing growth hormone?

John's article, Suffering from Belly Fat? talks about the training exercises you can do that increase growth hormone. you can check out the article here ==> Brand NEW information to fight belly fat.

For those interested in a sneak peek I will tell you it involves lactic acid production. But for more details about to visit my post.

Brand NEW information to fight belly fat

And if all THAT wasn’t enough, lactic acid training is also just a great fat loss training methods, so you’ll lose fat overall.

If you want to fight your cortisol issues, you need growth hormone. And for that you need lactic acid training. Utilizing John's method and you will be one step closer to fighting off your belly fat for good.

And in his new program (which is available at a full 52% OFF until tomorrow), Final Phase Fat Loss, provides you with specific types of exercises and workouts to combat:
  1. 1. Estrogen, "man boobs" and lower-body fat (combatted with "Density" training and Testosterone)
  2. Insulin, and your "love handles (combatted with "Dynamic" training and IGF-1)
  3. And of course, Cortisol and belly fat (combatted with specific "Lactic Acid" training and Growth Hormone)

If you struggle with "problem area" fat storage, this is THE program to set you free. And right now, it's still 52% OFF (but not for much longer).

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