Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Workout - Full Body 03/10/10

This is my workout from Wednesday. It took longer than expected so broken into two parts, I did an AM session and the PM session.

Here is my strength and power workout.

Hang Snatch: 4x3
Front Squat: 5x5
Weighted Pull-Ups: 4x6
Shoulder Press: 4x6
Dumbbell Bench: 3x8
Seated Row, Close Grip: 3x8RDL's: 3x8

My PM Workout

TRX Tricep Extensions: 3x10
Band Push Downs: 3x15
Barbell Curls: 3x8
Band Curls: 3x15
Shrugs: 3x15Dragonflies: 3x6

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