Friday, October 22, 2010

My workout Upper Body - 10/22/10

I ended my week with a full body workout.  I am on a upper lower split for the next few months. One day is heavy the next day is volume.

Today was the volume day.  Here is what I did

1.a -  DB bench
1.b - One arm Rows

2.a - DB Fly and Press - this one burns
2.b - Lat Sweep
2.c - Pull Downs with a close grip

3.a - Laterial Raise Drop Set
3.b - DB Triceps Extesions
3 c - Face Pulls

4.a - timed dips
4.b - 21's

5.a - band table top curls

This workout gives you a great pump if that is what you are looking for.


So many Guys In the Gym make these mistakes
and it slows their mass gains...
Do You!
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