Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Workout - Upper Body

It's been a wile since I last posted one of my workouts, but I have been in the gym working hard.

I am currently doing a two-day split, upper one day, then lower the next day. I then take a day off and repeat the cycle.

Yesterday was an upper body day, here's what I did...

1a. Bench Press -  Worked up to a heavy set of 7, then finished with a backoff set of 7 again
1b. Pull Downs - 3 work sets of 8

2a. Seated Rows - 3 sets of 8
2b. DB incline Press - 1 rep out set of 9, backoff set of 11

3a. Arnold Press - One NOS
3b. Dumbbell Bat wings - 3 sets of 12

4a. Ez Bar Curls - 2 sets of 21's
4b. DB Nose Breakers With Elbows Out Ext.- 3 sets of 10

That about did it for the day.  Today I am going to do a few hill sprints.

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