Sunday, August 18, 2013

Upper Body Push Workout For Sunday Aug. 18/2013

 Upper Body Push Workout

I haven't published workout in a long while. I'm not sure why. It's not that I hadn't been doing them, I guess I've been kind of crazy.

My program is a 3 day split. Looking to add mass and strength.

Today was an upper body portion with an emphasis on shoulders.

Today starts a new phase in my program. What we have here is day 1 phase 2.

1. Shoulder press - work up to a heavy set of five. Then 4x12
2A. incline bench -  follows the same progression as the shoulder press
2B. band pull aparts - 4x15
3a. dumbbell bench -  this is done with a neutral grip straight sets 4x12
3b. dumbbell upright rows -  4x12
4a. med ball push ups - 5 sets max reps
4b. face pulls - 4x15
5a. TRX triceps extensions - 4x15
5b. band push downs - 4x max reps
5c. cable lateral raises - 4x15

High volume and a good pump. Good way to start phase 2.

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