Monday, September 10, 2007

Rugby Scrum and the front row

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The front row made up of props and a hooker are tough and the foundation of a scrum. They are rarely in a position to score but props remain indispensable, you can't have a scrum without props. The two positions of the front row, the prop and hooker are highly technical and require training and experience. In case of injury spare props must be on the sidelines for an international match to continue play. An untrained, inexperienced wing or fullback is not desirable and may cause many breakdowns in play, but at least the game can continue. To throw anyone in at prop is dangerous and and can make a scrum impossible.
To learn the Secrets of the Front Row take a look at this article.
For the mechanics of the scrum and implications for the role of the tight head prop, right lock and right flanker take a look at this article.
Both articles contain valuable information and can help any team improve their scrum and play better rugby.

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