Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weight Training and Conditioning For Rugby

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Need to get in Rugby Shape?

Training for rugby is not all that different than weight training for other sports. A rugby player needs to be agile, strong, quick, and sturdy. A good weight training program for ruggers will not look all that different than that of a quality football program. A good rugby weight training program needs to include Olympic lifts for speed and explosiveness, squats and deadlifts for strength and power, neck work, and lots of core to protect the back. Sets and reps will vary depending on time of year and position.

The big difference when training for rugby is conditioning. There are few sports that but demands on the body as rugby does. To run hit, be hit, push and jump for close to 90 minutes with virtually no breaks takes a tremendous toll on the body.

Take a quick look at at this training program.  It is designed for football but football is based on Rugby so it can be of some benefit to rugby players.
Anyway just check it out.

Take a look at the various links to see how other teams have set up their rugby strength and conditioning programs.

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All the best in your weight and programs.
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