Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Natural Bedroom blaster

Subject: WARNING ...this is a STRANGE (but POWERFUL) post!

Ok, I have to warn you... Most of you are going to find this email a bit STRANGE coming from me! Some of you may even be OFFENDED. But the fact is, for some of you, this could be the most important post you read all year.

Where do I begin? Ok... I'm sure you've seen the bazillion junky emails in your inbox and the
new "infomercials" that are offering men products for..."enhancement"...cures for erektile dysfunction..."performance aids"...right? The fact is, reduced "performance" is a VERY serious concern for a LOT of guys out there! For men, feeling "small" or not being able to "perform" for a partner can destroy self-confidence and even lead to relationship problems. Unfortunately, most of these natural supplements don't work very well for these problems and end up just ripping people off. Well, I just got an email from a friend of mine, Jeff Anderson, that I thought you should be aware of.

Let me explain... Jeff (you may know him as the "Muscle Nerd") is an expert researcher in the area of SUPPLEMENTS. In fact, he put together a special program that actually teaches people how to stop wasting their money on expensive muscle-building, fat-burning, hormone-boosting supplements and actually make them YOURSELF to save as much as 98%. BTW, you can get one of the "recipes" and watch Jeff make it on video at:

Jeff has really outdone himself this time (in my opinion). Recently Jeff was interviewed by a noted "sex-pert" on the topic of "bedroom performance supplements". In that interview, he revealed 2 research studies using just 2 safe supplements that yielded a 92.5% success rate with mild to moderate ED. What's even better, is that even if you don't HAVE E.D., these supplements STILL work at making you a "superhero" in bed. They can actually increase "size", "O"-intensity, and firmness. Jeff then goes on to offer his PERSONALLY RESEARCHED RECIPE that he says works even BETTER than the one used in the study. And get this...a single dose of his "virtual viagara" is only $.36 (yes, that's 36 CENTS!).

Want to know what the formula is? Well, Jeff is actually GIVING AWAY both the recording AND his personal formulas at no additional cost. But there's a catch... It's ONLY available for those who purchase the entire "How To Make Your Own Supplements" program... ...and it's ONLY available THIS WEEK for a special Valentines promotion! Don't wait on this, ok? Here's another link to go and check it out (the details for his "Bedroom Blaster" promotion are at the bottom of the website): <= Click Enjoy your new found "skills"! ;-) P.S. - Oh yeah...I promised you a testimonial that Jeff sent, right? This is AWESOME... "Hey Jeff...I'm 72 years old and haven't had an erektion in over twelve years. Six weeks after I tried your 'Bedroom Blaster' formula and I woke up one morning with a weird feeling in my crotch. When I looked down to see what it was, IT WAS A FIRM, SOLID EREKTION! It had been so long ago, I forgot what it looked like, let alone what it FELT like! Thanks Jeff...I'm back in business!" If this formula can do THIS for someone who needed "help"...what will it do for YOU? Find out here
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