Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Welch Experience is Atlanta's Biggest Loser Trainer

Two local Atlanta trainers will go head to head to help teaming team members in in effort to lose the most weight and eventually be crowned the biggest loser in this years edition of The Biggest Loser Atlanta, Mothers edition.

Take note as you will notice a slight twist with one of the trainers this year. One trainer will not be what yo expect. He does don run boot camps, nor does here sit people on cardio machines. Sule Welch owner and head instructor of The Welch Experience is a martial arts expert trained in many different disciplines. He has invented Martial Fitness program that is different in kick boxing or anything you may have seen with respect to weight loss. Martial fitness is aimed at helping people get stronger and lose weight. Martial arts is not what one typical thinks of when thinking of weight loss. His unique Martial fitness program will get the contestants into shape without getting them to do endless hours of work on a cardio machine. It should be a fun new experience for people to get out of the gym or away from boot camps to have fun, burn fat , and get great results.

To all the biggest losers moms, good luck and kick some but.
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