Friday, March 20, 2009

Are you letting Mass gains pass you by

Advanced Mass Building Secrets

Want to gain muscle mass quickly?

I heard of this new bodybuilding muscle mass building Ebook Advanced Mass Building so I thought I would take a look at it to see if really was the mass building body building program it says it is. I wanted to know if was all hype or if it really did help you gain muscle mass fast. If you are currently following a typical bodybuilder style workout, you are part of the 95% of the bodybuilders doing things completely wrong in your efforts to make muscle gains.

Jeff Anderson also known as The Muscle Nerd is the book’s author. Some time ago he was the head fitness trainer for his army platoon. He draws parallels between muscle building secrets with combat strategies based on his military training. This unique mix military mission compared to building more muscle made reviewing Advanced Mass Building much more pleasurable and entertaining.

When it comes to reviewing programs and workouts such as the Advanced Mass Building Secrets book or any other weight training design there are always a few preconceived notions and skepticism that linger in the back of my mind and have me look at things critically.

There are so many products and mass building programs out there that I expected this book to be like so many of the other bodybuilding, and increasing your muscle, ebooks, I was skeptical.

For the beginner just about any program will work, but there will come a point that that workout stops adding muscle and you do not see results. You are still working hard but not getting anywhere, basically you are wasting your time. Overcoming muscle growth plateaus seems to be what Advanced Mass Building Secrets is all about. Quick workouts prime the body for non-stop muscle growth, something that most bodybuilding programs fail to do.

To draw a poor analogy to the military Advanced Mass Building Secrets is considered a “shock and awe” plan. You can forget about core development, cutting, improving cardiovascular fitness, or anything else that is not related to massive gains in muscle size. To quickly force your muscles to generate more mass this 4 week bodybuilding workout routine is about mass building only. This super powerful workout program is solely about building more muscle mass quickly.

Even though the muscle building program is quite detailed I think you will find the mass gain program is laid out making it easy for anyone to follow. You can expect to find easy to follow techniques like negatives, pre-exhaustion sets, hormone surge, supersets, and a host of other mass building secrets to really pack on the muscle.


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After over a year of extensive research on his mass building workout, Jeff Anderson, was able to incorporate many proven bodybuilding techniques into a single mass building program. After working with professional strength coaches and many different trainers I have never seen a more interesting bodybuilding workout program.

Advanced Mass Building works, if you stick with easy to follow muscle mass generating routine, you will rapidly witness muscle growth like you have never seen before.


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Jeff Anderson has so much confidence in his Advanced Mass Building program and muscle building workbook that he guarantees that if you do not quickly, and easily develop muscle you get your money back.

Scientifically backed up, fun to read, easy to follow, and professionally created the how to gain muscle mass ebook, and workout booklet are a great program for people looking to pack on muscle quickly.

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