Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Workout - 03/25/09

Lower Body Workout

I still am in a hypertrophy phase. That means lots of reps and lots of volume. Not my choice of workouts but I am not desiging them. I am working out with a friend and this is his design. This phase is close to an en, next will be a 4 day split.

Hang Power Clean: 5x3, Last 2 sets were at 235lbs

Squat: 5x3, all sets were at 340lbs
Front Squat: 4x3, at 240lbs
Russian Leans: 2x5
Manual resisted Hamstring curls: 2x10, these suck, give them a try sometime.
RDL: 3x5 at 265lbs

Tomorrow I will be away so I will not have a chance to update my workouts. I will still get 2 workouts in but will not start logging again until Tuesday. Have a good weekend and stay strong.

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