Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A tip for better deadlifts

Reader Question:
Do you have any tips for better deadlifts? I'm stuck at 405.

405 is not a bad deadlift but who wants to be stuck. There are lots of different things you can do the first thing I would suggest is rack pulls. I would also suggest more posterior chain work, that is for another day. I suggest rack pulls because it is likely that you will be able to handle. You will get use to this increased load and it should carry over to the deadlift. That is just one approach, there are many more and it depends in your sticking point too.

How to Perform Rack Pulls.

A Rack Pull pretty much the same as a deadlift once you have correctly set up.

  • make sure you push the floor away until you lockout.
  • Think that the bar can not move and you are trying to push through the floor. Think of pushing the floor away from you, not pulling the weight up
  • Keep the Bar Close. The closer, the safer & easier. Start with the bar against your shins and roll it over your thighs until lockout.
  • Bring Your Hips Forward. Push from the heels & squeeze your glutes hard. You will get a low back workout but do not think about pulling with the back.

  • Lock Your Hips. No need to roll your shoulders or do not hyper-extend your back. A deadlift or rack pull ends when your knees & hips are locked

  • Lower the bar by pushing your hips back until the bar hits the safety pins.
Hope that give you a place to start, good luck.
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