Monday, June 29, 2009

Looking for More Energy in the Gym or Fat Loss Supplement

Best Fat Loss Supplement

  • which fat-loss supplement to use
  • are fat burners energy drinks or pills worth my time and money
  • what are the most effective natural fat burners
  • how do fat burners actually burn fat
  • are they safe
  • do any of them even work

This clip is from an interview I did with Jeff Anderson, "the Muscle Nerd," authority on physique development, supplement and workout science has shared a few of his tips on fat-fighting and energy supplements. If you are considering muscle building or fat loss supplements I suggest you watch this video before you head to GNC or any other supplement center.

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Listen as The Muscle Nerd shares some great info fat loss, energy supplement combination used for bodybuilding, weight training or weight loss. These supplements can be used by every fitness person who needs a boost. If you want to burn fat, get cut for the summer or bodybuilding show or have more energy for your workout you have to watch this clip. The best homemade supplement for fitness energy and fat loss.

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