Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Check out what this Strange Blood Flow Experiment Reveals

By Jeff Anderson

One of the strangest studies done in recent history in the sports sciences arena was a study done using "tourniquet training" where trainees trained their arms with a pressure cuff on for 2 minutes to restrict blood flow and then again without the cuff.

Trainees were 20% STRONGER after the cuff was taken off and the study revealed that increased blood flow allowed a muscle to contract a maximum force.

Therefore, the more blood you can push through a muscle, the more "contraction potential" and microscopic fiber damage to initiate hypertrophy (muscle gaining).

One way to mimic this end result is to do a proper warmup to effectively increase blood flow to your target muscle so you can train at MAX INTENSITY and jumpstart your anabolic results!

A few sets of an "isolation" exercise of your target muscle group done at SUB-FAILURE (stopping just short of exhaustion) will do very well for this goal.

But I have a better way...

In my "Hardgainer Project X" program, I use a unique 3-stage workout structure that essentially takes the genetic limitations of true "hardgainers" and obliterates them to force new muscle growth.

One of the methods used is a variation of the "Rest-Pause" technique that uses shorter sets of lighter weights.

(Note: For step-by-step instructions on the "Rest-Pause" technique posted on my website, go to www.HardgainerProjectX.com)

These short sets are initially done using sub-failure training to better target Type 2 muscle fibers in the last sets when you go to full exhaustion.

But they ALSO slowly ratchet up the blood supply so your last "rounds" of short reps force a ton of blood through the muscle and MAX OUT your peak contraction!

The result is a massive PUMP and a muscle fiber dead-zone that can't be achieved with normal sets and reps!

Go and copy down the notes at www.HardgainerProjectX.com and try this training method in your next workout and you'll be amazed at the difference you'll feel!
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