Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Workout 11/17/09 - Leg Workout

I know I have to get my act together when it comes to my posts. I have been slack at posts but promise to pick it up.

My new workout program is a mix of getting big, and getting strong. I have never tried a program like this before so it should be interesting. I will track my weight and strength to see if I get any bigger or stronger.

Today was a leg day, the second day in a new cycle.
Here is what I did today
1. Squat: x3, x3, x5, x5, xMax reps
2. Front squat: 3x5
3.a Leg Ext: 3x12
superseted with
3.b Leg Curls: 5x12
4.a Hyper extensions: 3x12
4.b Biceps Preacher Curls: 5x12
5. Ab circuit

I think i will make some changes next week. I do not like leg curls or leg extensions so i will take those out. I am not even sure what they are doing in there. The second chance will be to add an Olympic lift in there as the first exercise.

That was day 2 of my new workout program to boos size and strength.
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