Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Muscle Building Workout - 11/23/09

As you may know I am doing an upper lower split for my training. Mondays workout was an upper body day that consisted of the following:

1. Bench Press: 3x3 last set to failure
2.a Incline DB: 3x10
2.b Wide grip Pull Downs: 3x10
3. a DB Bench: 3x10
3.b Bent over rows: 3x10
4.a Dips: 3x10
4.b DB bent over flys: 3x10

To much pressing I think, I am thinking of getting rid of the DB bench and adding another pulling exercise into the mix.

Check out my video on what may be the best assistance exercise for bench:
The best assistance Exercise to improve your bench
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