Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Workout - Upper Body, 12/03/09

Still on the max out week. Today it was an upper body max load. The Front Press was the only maximal effort lift. This program is push dominate and I need to change that. I have made a few changes to balance it out but still need to make a few more adjustments. One such change I will make is with the pull ups and taking them to a 1RM as well.

1. standing front press: max but not a failure
2.a Pull Ups: 3x6
2.b DB bench: 3x6
3.a Hammer Incline Press: 3x6
3.b Hammer Row: 3x8
4.a DB nose breakers: 5x10
4.b Face Pulls: 5x10
5. Push Downs: 3x10
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