Monday, December 7, 2009

My workout - Upper Body 12/07/09

The is the second phase of my workout program and starting on week 4.
The weeks worked out like this:
Week one: 5 reps on the major lifts and 12 reps on the assistance lifts.
Week two: looking at 3 reps and 10-8
Week Three is a max Week: 1 rep max followed by 6's

Todays workout was an upper body workout, back to higher reps.
1. Bench Press: few warm up sets then 3x5
2.a Incline Press: 3x12
2.b Wide Grip Pull Downs: 3x12
3.a Neurtral Grip DB bench: 3x12
3.b Bent Over Rows: 3x12
4.a Weighted Dips: 5x12
4.b Chest Supported rear delts: 5x12
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