Friday, January 29, 2010

Today's Workout - Full Body 01/29/10

For today's workout I veered off plan. I was scheduled to do a lower body max effort day, but got sidetracked and did something a little different.

Is a mix of conditioning explosive work and some strength work. You could say it was kind of all over the map.

I start with dumbbell push presses. I didn't go to heavy I think I went up to 5x60. From there I went on to deadlifts. Again I didn't know all that heavy, 1 up to 5x400. From there was on to dumbbell press. On there I did three sets of single single double presses on the incline bench, at 100 pounds. that was super setted with, the hamstring curls. For that it was three sets of 12.

The next superset consisted of, dumbbell triceps of extension, and seated rows.

And for conditioning I did a bunch of battle rope exercises.

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