Thursday, January 28, 2010

Upper Body Workout - 01/28/10

Today's workout continued with maximal my effort protocol. Today's max effort exercise was the front press. Last time I attempted a max front press I missed 220. The first exercise in my workout today was the front press. After a few warm up sets I moved into the singles. I did:

The 210, was slow and challenging it made wonder about the 220. I did manage to hit the 220 but it was slow and difficult, I think it took about 5 seconds to get it up over my head.

After that the rest of the workout was fairly easy, I stuck with a hammer strength machine circuit. Here's what I did:

Hammer Strength benchpress: 3 sets 0f 6 @270
Hammer Strength Pulldown: 3 sets 0f 6 @180
Hammer Strength Incline: 3 sets 0f 6 @245
Hammer Strength Mid Row: 3 sets 0f 6 @270
DB Elbows out Extension: 3 sets 0f 10 @45
Face Pulls: 3 sets 0f 12 @100
Bench Supported Wrist Curls: 3 sets 0f 12 @25

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