Friday, February 5, 2010

My Workout - Full Body 02/05/10

This is because the deload weak. I worked out Monday if they can arrest a week off until today. My training partner got a new job, and is moving out of the state so I had a couple days of solo work. It it was nice to have the days off, but is also nice to get back in and get back at it.

I'm still time to get bigger and stronger in the gym, so my workouts stay fairly consistent in the programming. But today was an exceptionally tough day, because a little rest and the pairings of the exercises.

This is my workout for Friday.

Hang clean: 5X 135, 5X 175, 3X 195, 3X 220, 2 - 1X 265,
DB Push Press: All for Sets of Five, 55, 65, 75, 80
Deadlifts: all for sets of six, 220, 310, 355, 375, 395
Font Press: 5X 135, 3X 155, 3X 175, 3-3x195
the deadlifts and front press were superset
this is an incredibly tough combination.
DB Incline Press: 3- 10x100
Russian Leans: 3- 6xbw
Seated Rows: 3 - 230x10
Floor Press: as many sets as needed to get 100 reps
Easy Bar Curl: 4 - 110x10

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