Saturday, February 6, 2010

Expert Tips and Advice On the Strength Coach Podcast

Here with the Pros Have To Say on Strength Coach Podcast

Possibly one of the best free resources on the web for strength, conditioning, nutrition, businesses it is industry,and performance enhancement.

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Each episode is jammed packed with helpful tips and information from the industry's leading experts.

Some of what you can expect to hear on the biweekly strength coach podcast:

  • Leading off the podcast is an interview with strength coach Boyle. Listen as he answers questions from this form and talks with the latest trends in the industry.

  • Perform Better, talks about gym design, seminars and answers all your equipment questions.
  • The top coaches in both college and professional sports are featured and give insight into their program to give an idea what's happening to real people in the real world.
  • Great Cook is featured and answers questions related to rehabilitation, corrective movement, and movement mechanics.
  • For those interested in the business aspect of fitness or strength and conditioning Alwyn Cosgrove is a fitness professional providing insights into the business aspect.
  • Of course no strength and conditioning program would be complete without performance nutritional advice.

Be sure to check back often as he can stay abreast of the current trends in the fitness and sports performance world.

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