Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Weight Training Workout - Full Body ~ 03/01/10

This Actually Monday's Workout

I am still in limbo as to when going to do for the next weight training phase. My old training partner got himself a job with the Buffalo Bills, so he's moved away. So what I've been doing the meantime is to jump in on other workouts, and hit a few of my own.

On Monday I jumped in with a friend and this is what we did.

Start off with power cleans from the floor.
The next exercise was to bench press.
From there it was on to dumbbell Bulgarian split squats, super seted it with one arm rows.
After that was completed it was time to move on to the supplemental exercises.
First off was a shoulder combination, from raise, side raise, rear delt raise.
To finish off we ended with burnout one arm push-ups.

Not a bad little workout quick and effective.

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