Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Self Defense Q&A

Common Self Defense Questions Answered

Ever want to learn self defense? If so here's your chance, my friend Jeff is having a free conference call, or webinar. For more information click the link below.
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I have included just one of the questions that people been asking about the real self-defense. There are others on the page as a link above to.

Question 1. Are these complicated martial arts?

NO! These are NOT your typical “karate kicks” that take forever to learn.

What I’m going to be going over is both the “psychology of violence” as well as REAL hardcore self defense techniques that they don’t usually show in martial arts schools.

So a WARNING here…these techniques are NOT for those looking for fluffy “feel good” karate chops!

Don’t bring a weak stomach.

for more information and how to register for free conference call visit the link below
Click Here --> Real Self Defense for the Streets
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