Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday's lower body muscle building workout

 Friday was a lower body day, plus biceps. I change the order slightly from last week putting box squats before Bulgarian split squats. This made the split squat that much more difficult.

 Hang Clean:  5X3
Box Squat: 5X5
Bulgarian Split Squat: 8, six, four
 Russian Leans: 3X5
Tabletop Curls: 3X12
 Dumbbell Incline Curls: 3X 12

 That Did for the Day. There's a good workout got a great arm pump, I threw some core in their as well. Next week is that the load week so I take it kind of easy, maybe only workout twice next week, maybe a little conditioning in their too.

I find deload weeks sometimes hard to take, especially when I'm feeling good. These past three weeks have been good, I've had some good numbers. I know I need to cut back this week or else I will burn out in another two or three weeks, and maybe even regress.

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