Tuesday, December 14, 2010

my workout Lower Body 12/14/10

My Workout Lower Body

I am on a 4 day split.
Monday upper body workout
Tuesday Lower body workout
Wednesday off
Thursday Upper body workout
Friday Lower body workout
Weekends off

Today i started out with hang cleans, worked up to a heavy single.
Followed up with squats, there I worked up to a 7rm dropped the weight by 10% and did 7 more reps
Step ups were next on my list 4 sets of 5
Glute hams 4 sets of 5

Finished with landmine core rotations

Today was tough, don't think I got enough sleep last night.  This is the end of my mini cycle, finish up with 7's this week.  Deload next week then 5's for the 3 weeks after that.

My core exercises will stay the same but the accessory exercises will change with each micro cycle.
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