Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who else wants the male fitness model look

Male Fitness Model Look

How to get a fitness model body

I wanted to share with you a post I did the other day.  My buddy Rusty specializes in showing people how to get a fitness model body. You know, that Celebrity physique or Hollywood look...
like the Taylor Lautner workout, or Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter, or a Brad Pitt workout routine.

Ever notice how fitness models and Hollywood sex symbols have the same body type.

The fit, lean muscular look is considered attractive.

You can get the same Hollywood sex symbol body without doing endless amounts of crunches and you don't need to fry your muscles looking for that pump.

Lean and muscular is sexy...
Be sure to click here to read the rest of the article to help you get that
Hollywood sex symbol physique and Visually Stunning Body

Ever notice sex symbols and fitness models are ever huge and buff?

Average builds with great muscle tone is considered to be very sexy. Sometimes it pays to have a lean muscle build…
not a bulky bodybuilder type look.

The bad news...

Male Fitness Models Have To Workout Harder Than Bodybuilders

It is easier to bulk up...
lift hard, lift often, and the best part...
eat lots.

Following a male fitness model workout is much more difficult. The diet and nutrition is much more difficult too. I would take bulking up over burning body fat and getting lean any day.  Though I do like the athletic look.

The secret to getting big in the gym is to...
  • lift with a high volume
  • progressively increase the weight over time.
As you can see, its not all that complicated of a plan.  Plus you have some leeway on your diet and carido isn't necessary.

To get lean, like a fitness model, you have to...
  • lift to maintain your muscle mass
  • watch what you eat
  • hit the cardio
and there is a lot less room for error. After all you don't want to lose that flat stomach and 6 pack abs.

Getting that lean look is actually simple, but not easy.

If you are kind of bulky right now and need to lean down you just need to do a few things:

  • Perform Intense Cardio
  • Eat the right amount of Calories
  • cut out the crunches
To find out what else you need to do read the rest of the post:

How to get a fitness model body.

When you are hitting cardio hard with a great high intensity bodyweight workout and limiting your calories, you won’t get as big of a pump as you are used to. But you will look lean, muscular and athletic.

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