Sunday, February 27, 2011

How often should I work out

How often should I work out is a question I get asked all the time. I thought I would put up this article to help explain training frequency. Note this is for muscle building, not fat burning or weight loss.  This is for those looking to build muscle fast.

The training frequency for each muscle group depends quite a bit on what style of workout program you are following. If you are doing something like The 300 Workout Plan your training frequency is going to be relatively low.

Keep in mind that is just one example, there are many different ways to structure a workout program, even if your going after the same goal such as mass building or bodybuilding. The frequency can change based on the program you have selected. High-volume weight training programs generally cut back on training frequency.

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Still mass building but using a powerlifter based approach to bodybuilding will also change the frequency. Power lifters will often train more often, since they're not doing a high-volume routine. They potentially focus on a couple target exercises for their muscle groups, and will do this a few times a week. In contrast, a bodybuilder is very focused on a specific muscle group such as their chest. Tis concentration will have them doing many high-volume exercises targeting pecs and supporting muscles. As a result, they will usually train each group just once a week. A much more infrequent schedule than a power lifter.

A training schedule that I like to work with is specifically targeted to stubborn body parts. Once you've figured out which parts of your body respond slowly to exercise, you can actually double the frequency of your training on those parts.

For example, let's assume you planned to train each of the major muscle groups once per week. If one of those groups was especially stubborn, the arms for example, you could increase the frequency of targeting that area to twice a week while every other muscle group would only be trained once in that same time period. This will enable your arms to catch up to the rest of your muscle groups.
This is a specialized routine that targets the arm, and doubling the frequency is exactly what may need to be done. It is not a long term strategy so do not over do it. After cycling through all of the major muscle groups:
  • chest
  • shoulders
  • legs
  • back
each once a week, come back with different workouts and target your arms again. The variation between the two workouts lies in the intensity.
  1. high-volume, high repetitions
  2. lower-volume using heavier weights
What we're doing with these two training cycles is combining the high points of each one. The high-volume training supports lower muscle fibers, at the same time that it simulates the release of more growth hormone. Along with that goes the lower-volume exercises with the heavier weights. This engages the release of testosterone, while working the upper muscle fibers. As I said, combining the best of both worlds is beneficial towards getting the most development from both types of exercises.

Most bodybuilder routines train each body part once a week. For the muscle group that in not up where you would like it to be go with twice a week. Because you are only targeting a specific muscle once a week the volume will be high on that day. Each muscle group has plenty of time to recover and come back stronger the next week.

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Training Frequency What is Best to Build Muscle Fast

I hope this article was able to help answer your question of, how often should I work out.
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