Thursday, February 24, 2011

Post workout supplements - How to Get the most out of your protein

Quick supplement trick for your post workout protein
 I'm sure you've heard how important post-workout protein is for jumpstarting the whole "recovery process" and begin building
muscle, right?

And it's TRUE...but here's what kills me...

It's not like your triceps are just kicking back after your dumbbell kickbacks, waiting for you to end their abuse BEFORE
they begin their recovery.

WHILE you workout, your body is ALREADY trying to manage the damage you're putting it through!

So why wait until the end of your workout to provide your muscles with the 'support' they need to grow?

Here's what to do...

Add some "Branched Chain Amino Acid" (BCAA) powder to your workout drink!

BCAA's are basically "broken down protein" so it's safe and rapidly consumed by your starving muscles.

That means that by consuming them DURING your workout, you'll basically "SHOTGUN" the nutrients you need into your muscles at a
time when they're screaming for help.

BCAA powder can be found in bulk powder form very inexpensively online.

The powder is relatively tasteless so you can even add it to plain water if you're brave or use a powdered drink mix.

Just add about 10 - 15 grams of BCAA powder to your workout drink and you'll see faster results!

This is actually just one of several "sneaky supplement tricks" that a friend of mine uses to master the use of supplements for
more muscle and less fat.

His biggest secret?

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I'm sure you're as sick as I was, paying outrageous prices for name brand supplements that you "hope" are working.

Why pay so much just in hopes that your supplements will perform like the ad said it would?

Do you REALLY trust the supplement companies?

So why not KNOW (without a doubt) that you're getting the results you're looking for and save up to 98% on your supplements?

And no...that's NOT a typo! You really can save up to 98%!

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Want to see just how simple it really is?

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