Thursday, September 1, 2011

Best Swiss Ball Core Exercises

Stability Ball Ab Exercises
3 of the Best

Check out the latest video I have posted.

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 In this video you will see three of the best stability ball ab exercises. Nothing too fancy, just effective core strength exercises.

 If you're looking to get a flat stomach with great ads be sure to follow a healthy meal plan, get some metabolic resistance training done, or interval training, and do your ab exercises twice a week. Follow that model and you'll have the body of your dreams.

If you are looking to develop your abs without the Swiss ball be sure to check out a post I did some time ago...
 The Best Core Strength Exercises

 You'll be happy to know that not one of those exercises includes a crunch or a set up. You can get effective ab and core training without doing another to talk or crunch, in your life.

p.s. Don’t Do Theses Swill Ball Exercises
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