Friday, April 20, 2012

My Workout - Upper Body 04/19/12

Upper Body Workout

I am on a 4 day split. The goal is to gain strength and add mass. With summer around the bend I will be looking at adding in some cardio to lean out a bit.  I don't have far to go,  just 10lbs or so. In addition to the cardio I am looking at intermittent fasting. I have to admit I want to bench more, but what guy doesn't.

My split looks like this. One day is upper the other is lower. I take an off day then do my second upper lower split.

Upper body lift
1a. Shoulder Press
1b. Pull Up

2a. Seated Row
2b. Incline Bench

3a. Dips with push ups
3b. Ez Bar Curls

Short and to the point. The reps were low and the weight was heavy. Next week will be a deload week.

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