Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How To Predict Your 1 Rep Maximum

Calculator To Find Your 1RM

That means your 1 repetition max - or how much weight you can lift just one time for a certain exercise.

You can predict your 1RM with pretty good accuracy, using a Rep Max Calculator with a well-designed formula.

Though it's fairly accurate, it's not 100%. You can expect most calculators and charts to be off by about 5%. That's because everyone is little different.

Some people do better with high reps. While others don't have as much endurance but have more top end strength. That means you have some people lifting more than their predicted 1 RM and others that can't quite do as much as the formula suggests.

 Even though one rep max charts aren't 100% percent accurate, it's still a valuable tool in your weight training program.

Going for a 1RM isn't the safest thing and takes a lot out of you so it's not something that is recommended you do often. You still need to know that number because a well thought out and planned workout routine is going to rely heavily on percentages based off your 1RM.

Your sets and reps will be based off your 1RM. You will use a percentage of that number to determine your working load for each set.

Grab a printable 1RM tabe from the link bellow...
click here --> printable 1RM tabe

1 RM Chart and Calculator

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