Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Workout - Upper Body Routine 06/07/12

I had a pretty good upper body workout today. I was feeling strong and hit some decent numbers. My shoulder press wasn't where I wanted it to be but not horrible. Anyway here is what I did for my upper body.

My main focus today was shoulders.

1a. Seated Shoulder Press - warm up then 1 set of 3
1a. part ii - Push Press - 3 sets of 5
1b. Sternum Pull Ups - weighted did 7 sets of 5

2a. One Arm Rows - 3x12
2b. Incline Bench - 3x8

3a. Up Right Row - 3x10
3b. Lateral Raise - 3x10
3c. Hammer Curls - 3x10

4a. Push Ups - 3x max reps
4b. Ring Triceps Extensions - 3x10
4c. Ring Biceps Curls - 3x10

That was it. All in all a pretty good workout. Not pleased with the shoulder press but the push press was decent.

To top it off I had the best BBQ burgers for supper. You have to try the recipe yourself. They are easy to make and such a mass building food.
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