Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Upper Body Workout - Sept. 2, 2014

Quick Upper Body Workout

For the next little bit I'll be doing more frequent workouts. The volume for each will less. But at the end of week the volume will add up to be more.

I'm going to take this approach for a couple of months, then change things up again.

1a. - Barbell Incline Press 4x8
1b. - Hammer Row 4x12 (pronated grip)

2a. - DB Flat Chest Press - 4x10
2b. - DB One Arm Row - 5x5

3a. - Cable Flyes 4x15
3b. - Parallel Bar Dips - 4xmax reps at bodyweight
3c. - Cable Biceps curls 4x15

Short and to the point.

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