Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Few Bodybuilding Tips

Weight Training Journal

To add muscle and get huge you must fatigue the muscle breaking it then down then feed it and rest it. Weight gain and is that simple. The pro bodybuilder follows the same principles, they work the muscles hard feeling a burn deep. Now to repair the tissue amino acids are needed and carbs are needed to provide energy for the next workout. Your body only grows when you rest so many pros grab a nap soon after their meal and before their next workout.

If you want to be a bodybuilder and gain more muscle watch your rest intervals, exercise order, reps, and food intake. Hard work and consistency will get results.

These tips are not for the powerlifter. Powerlifters follow different rep and rest schemes. The following tips are for bodybuilders, and people who want to gain weight and pack on size.

Rest between sets - Keep your rest low around at 30 - 60 seconds. This will give your muscles enough time to build up energy stores to do a few more reps but still keep them fatigued.
  • Work groups heavy to light - Always train biggest muscle groups first, the muscles you can lift the most weight with. The bigger muscle groups are supported by the smaller ones, which will fatigue faster. If the supportng muscles are trained first the bigger muscles will not be able to handel the same workload as they would fresh.

  • Shoulders should never be trained before the chest or back and the triceps should never be trained before the chest or shoulders.

  • The biceps should never be trained before the back, and the calves should never be trained before the thighs.

  • Never train abdominals before exercises that require core stability (squats, lunges, shoulder press, power cleans)

  • For faster results, use mostly compound exercises. Compound exercises are those that require the movement of more than one joint. This means that it uses more than one muscle group so more energy is burnt, and more muscle fibres can be hit within the one exercise. They enable you to lift more weight so strength increases come faster as well.

  • Change does the body good - Change your program every 3 -6 weeks. The body gets use to seercies quickly and what once was hard becomes easy. The change does not have to be big but it does need to be changed.

  • Balance - Make sure your program is balanced. Legs match upper body, work you back to get a stronger chest.

  • Triceps make up a larger recent of the arm - To make your arms look big work you tri's
I hope you got something out of the above tips. Hard work and a proper program based on scientific principles will get you results.

All the best in your weight and programs.
Jason, CSCS
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