Monday, July 2, 2007

USA Rugby Workout 2 and 3

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USA Rugby Training Workout 2

Training programs designed by David Williams, USA Rugby's National Teams Strength and Conditioning Coach

Rugby Specific Circuit Training - Workout 2

SB Core warm-up 5mins

Hang Clean into Front Squat 6 x 8, with 1mins rest.
During rest sit balanced on a SB for 30secs.

4 x swiss ball DB single arm, one arm only Bench x 8ea
into SB SL hamstring curls 15ea into
SB weighted ab crunches x 20 with 25/35 lbs weight plate.

Push-ups to failure into
Seated cable row x 12,
into DB OH FWD lunge x 8ea
Finish with 10 x 30secs sprints on the bike, with 30secs rest.

Rugby Specific Circuit Training - Workout 2

Row 1000m
Bodyweight leg circuit x 4,
no rest between exercises,
1 rep per second,
0-60secs rest between sets depending on fitness levels

Squats x 24
Lunge x 12 ea
LAT Lunge x 12 ea
Reverse Lunge x 12 ea
Squat jumps x 6
4 x DB Push- up with alt DB row with opposite leg raise x 8ea
Lying opposites x 12ea
4 x Lat pull down x 15
into standing weight plate ab rotations x 16
into holding 5lbs plates in each hand shadow boxing for 30secs.
Row 1000m

I put this post out there to see what Rugby USA does for workouts.
This is not a program I would suggest to ANY rugby player, it reminds me more of a crossfit workout than a rugby specific workout program.

Take a quick look at at this training program.  It is designed for football but football is based on Rugby so it can be of some benefit to rugby players.  Anyway just check it out, it is many times better than a CrossFit style workout.
Total Strength and Conditioning for Football

Rugby Training and Articles

All the best in your weight and programs.
Jason, CSCS
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