Wednesday, July 11, 2007

NSCA - 2007 National Conference

Weight Training Journal

Just letting everyone know that I will be attending the NSCA conference this weekend so I many not be posting all that much over the next few days. I do not think I will make it to workout either, well a few days rest will do me good.

I do hope to gets lots of good information from the conference that I can write about and fill everyone in.

On Thursday I plan on attending these talks:
~ Strength Training for the Eyes: The Relationship Between Visual Fitness & Athletic Performance
~ Applied Testing and Statistics for Strength & Conditioning Professionals
~ Somatotype and Resistance Training Mechanics
~ Feet Don't Fail Me Now
~ The Science of Athletic Development: From the Playground to the Podium

All the best in your weight and programs.
Jason, CSCS
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