Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wave loading

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As you may have noticed in my weight workouts of the past week I have started to incorporate the principle of wave loading for my core lifts. I decided to go with wave loading for a few different reasons. My favorite benefit of wave loading is its low rep and high rest protocol that can accelerate strength gains. For me I enjoy seeing my strength levels progress. I also like that it can help reduce over training. On the days the weight does not move pack up the exercise and move on.

Wave loading is considered to be an advanced strength-building principle. This style of weight training involves various rep schemes but almost always involves doing a single rep at your 1-rep max. Volume varies depending on personal goals. There are different types of wave loading protocols all with different objectives. For this mesocycle I am concerned with strength, therefore reps will remain low and rest a little higher. The goal is to complete 9 sets, 3 waves each consisting of 3 sets. If you can complete more than 9 sets before reaching failure your starting weight was too light, if you can not reach the third wave your start weight was too heavy.

Each wave will follow the same prescription for reps but each wave will get heavier. For every wave follow this pattern, first set 3 reps, second 2 and third set 1 rep. The weight will increase for each set, for the next wave use the weight of your second set as the new starting point and increase each subsequent set, repeat for each wave. Stop when you can no longer get the necessary reps.

200 x 3 - 210 x 2 - 220 x 1

210 x 3 - 220 x 2 - 230 x 1

220 x 3 - 230 x 2 - etc...

All the best in your weight and programs.
Jason, CSCS
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