Tuesday, September 11, 2007

10 Best Exercises

Weight Training Journal

Many people come to the site looking for quick and easy answers to their weight room woes. If you are looking to get big, strong and powerful these are 10 must have exercises. If you do not have the majority of these exercises in your program I suggest you think about adding them. If you say to yourself, I am a bodybuilder I do not need them, or I am a powerlifter so this does not apply to me think again. To get the gains in the weight room you are looking for include these 10 exercises.

- if for some reason you could only do one lift this would be the one.
- if you want to add mass, and increase strength do various forms of deadlifts ~ conventional, sumo, partial, etc...

2. Squat
3. Pull Ups, all grips, overhand, underhand, wide, v, etc...
4. power snatch
5. power clean
6. Bent over row, all grips ~ wide, v, med...
7. standing Shoulder press
8. Lunge, again all variations ~ forward, reverse, side, walking, etc...
9. Bench Press
10. parallel dips

You may notice there is not one machine based lift, if you want maximum results stay off the machines and stick with the basics.

All the best in your weight and programs.
Jason, CSCS
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