Friday, September 28, 2007

Overreaching - Week 2 Day 5 AM Workout

Weight Training Journal

Working to Get Weaker Workout

Bench Lockouts
5 - 295 x 9
Pins were set about 4"off chest. I tried 315 but I could not move it.

Pull Up - Underhand Grip
5 - 25 x 6

DB Press Neutral Grip
5 - 100 x 10

One Arm Rows
5 - 110 x 8

Seated Rows
5 - 180 x 8

I am so glad that I am close to the end of this 2 week overreaching phase. I am starting to feel over trained. My legs and glutes are so sore I can hardly sleep. Starting Sunday I will be taking a few days off, all I will do is eat and rest. I am looking forward to the rest. I am also looking forward to training heavy and seeing the results of this phase.

All the best in your weight and programs.
Jason, CSCS
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