Tuesday, September 29, 2009

3 Chest Training Secrets

As promised this week could COMPLETELY change your workouts from here on out.

You may ask why?

By now you may have seen the daily contest my friend Jeff Anderson is holding on his
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Jeff better known as the "Muscle Nerd" is giving away $100 every single day to the poster of their best training secret. Just scrool down to the Comments section to check them out and post your own.

Yesterday was Chest Training day and there were 166 tips and tricks relating to chest training.

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For todays training topic send in and read about tips related to "Back Training."

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Check out 3 of the chest training tips From Monday


Chest Training Tip #8

submitted by Gordon

"For the flat bench press, push through the top of each rep.

It will only be a few extra inches, but your shoulders should come OFF of the bench.

Goes for bar or dumbbells.

You may find you need to lower your weight at first but this will add that full definition we are all looking for in the pecs."


Chest Training Tip #16

Submittedby Jason, got this from his friend

"This is a tip i got from my buddy...

You do push-ups, but at the bottom, bounce 5 times. Finish your push up after that, and repeat 5 times.

Next, move your arms in to shoulder width and repeat.

Next move your arms in again so your hands are almost touching and repeat.

Great for your triceps too!"


Chest Training Tip #1

Jeff submitted this tip

To work INNER CHEST for some "cleavage", once you get done with your bench press sets, grab a single heavy dumbbell.

Wrap both hands around the handle while laying on a flat bench and do "partial reps" of about 8-12 inches at the
top of the movement.

Go for 8-12 reps and really SQUEEEEZE your chest together throughout these "mini reps" to get a final burn in your
inner chest fibers


There are 166 of these in the comment section at:

http://www.musclenerdfitness.com <= Click For V.I.P. Access

Out of these 166 there have to be a few you can add to your workout.

After you have checked out all the chest training tips find go to the back training tips and enter your own then check out the LIVE TV SHOW tonight to see if you won the $100.

Good luck!
Jason, CSCS
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