Thursday, October 1, 2009

Muscle building Tips - Calves...Quads...And Oompa Loompas?

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Jeff's been asking for all of YOUR best training tips for each muscle group... ...and he's giving away $100 every night on a "LIVE MUSCLE TV SHOW" for one lucky poster. Today's topic is "SHOULDER TRAINING" and all you have to do to share your own "secrets" is go and post a comment in the blog at:
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(So far, Jeff's covered "Chest", "Back", and last night was "Leg Training".) There are now over 400 TRAINING TIPS waiting for you. Here's a "3-Tip Sample" of some great posts pulled out of yesterday's LEG TRAINING SECRETS: (Jeff had a funny one about "Oompa Loompas"!)

Calves Training Tip #7 from Vinaey
"Calves training: The weight you use for training your calves is limited by your ankle strength. Break that threshold and watch your calves grow.

There are two ways to do this.

1) Strength training shoes (remember the Seinfeld episode?) – Sounds and looks stupid but it won’t be in 5-7 wks when your legs look like they’ve swallowed a small animal.

2) For standing/ seated calf raises use both calves to lift up but only one leg for the negative. Go heavy! This gives a killer burn!"

Quads Training Tip #17 from Paul!
"One legged dumbell squats from an elvated box (or those aerobic platforms work also). These will allow you to go all the way down to where your butt should be pressing againt the calf and the dumbbells will be hanging LOWER than your elevated foot. NOW you will get a full range of motion and a really good burn."

Booty (+) Training Tip #1 from Jeff! (My "Oompa Loompa Booty Burner"!) =====================================

"I call this the “Oompa Loompa” technique because of the dance the little green guys did in “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory”. (Though I’m sure it has a more professional name ;-)

At the end of a massive set of either squats or deadlifts, grab a light dumbbell (and by “light”, I mean about 40 lbs!) and take a VERY wide stance (double the size of your shoulders if you want to work QUADS and about shoulder width if you want to work your HAMS).

Hold the dumbbell vertically with both hands and keeping an arch in your lower back “squat” down until your legs are parallel to the ground and squeeze your booty while driving through your heels to get back to the top position.

Keep your feet pointed out and go for the burn with at least 12 reps to really tear up your legs for a set finisher!

Naturally hits your boo-tay also!"

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Good luck!

Jason, CSCS
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